State of the Media 2010

In the Project for Excellence in Journalism’s “Magazines,” the article discusses the magazine industry in general and how circulation, readership, and ads have changed.

Being an avid magazine buyer and reader, I found it upsetting that circulation has declined. It’s also a let down knowing that in the past recent years, unpopular magazines have been discontinued.

It makes me think about what will happen in the next upcoming century. Where will journalism go? How will journalism be in the future? Will magazines and newspapers eventually be eliminated altogether?

I honestly love reading print material. I don’t think journalism will be the same. It is always changing.


The College Education

In the Sept. 24 New York Times’ “The College Education,” David Leonhardt discusses whether or not having a college education is worth the money that students pay. He looks at both sides–the students and the skeptics–and asks whether or not getting a degree is truly making a difference in students’ futures.  This question is something that I, as a student, have constantly asked myself. Coming from a very prestigious catholic college-preparatory high school, education has always been of great value to me. I always studied hard and worked hard for the good grades. However, as much as I studied, I felt like I would never be as smart as some of my classmates.  In 2008 I was studying my little heart out, maintaining a 3.8 grade point average and still not getting into any of the U.C.’s. And then there were those classmates who seemed to not try at all, and yet were still reaping the benefits of awards, scholarships, and acceptance letters. It made me wonder, “Does getting this higher education even make a difference? No matter how hard I try, would I be able to get as far as those naturally intelligent people?”  That situation is similar to the issue discussed in the article. Maybe an expensive high school education or college education isn’t really worth it. Who knows? Regardless of the facts and figures, I still think it’s important to be educated.