Vegetarian Club welcomes all

A community of recipe sharing and lots of earth’s good eats

April 5, 2010
by Jamie Santiago| Staff Writer

When some people hear the word “vegetarian,” images of green vegetables for dinner, tree-huggers, hippies, and avid PETA supporters may be what come to mind. However, the Vegetarian Club at City College is not exactly what someone might expect.

The club has only been active for two years, but it is making its mark at City College with the steady amount of members each semester. Members share recipes, stories and knowledge about the humanitarian, environmental, and health aspects of vegetarianism with each other and other students on campus.

Club President Hannah Jenks says her growing knowledge of factory farming and its environmental repercussions is what caused her to become a vegan five years ago. She enjoys being part of a group of like-minded students with similar beliefs.

“When I first got here I was like, ‘You know, I can’t be the only vegan on campus, but it sometimes feels that way.’”

Jenks says the club consists of vegetarians and vegans but is not exclusively open to them.  Even meat-eaters can join the club and those who are considering vegetarianism are always welcome to join.

“We do a little bit of getting out there and sharing information with other people. We’re not really a club to convert people or anything,” says Jenks.

The club shares information with other students about vegetarianism by having “veg-ucation” days, where they offer literature to students that shows the treatment of animals and different health aspects being a vegetarian can bring someone.

“During 2008 Campaign Proposition 2 that was going on, and that was the prevention against farm animal cruelty act. We campaigned for that. We spread news about it,” says City College student and group member Jeremy Vick.

Other activities include making trips to Farm Sanctuary, an animal protection program, vegetarian restaurants in the area, handing out pamphlets of homemade vegetarian recipes, and holding occasional bake sales on campus.

Film major Ana Ayon is a fellow vegetarian on campus and thinks it’s great to have this small community on campus.

“I think that’s awesome. People think that it’s weird to be vegetarian. It shows support.”
If you’re interested in joining the Vegetarian Club, attend the weekly meetings every Thursday from noon to 1 p.m. in Rodda Hall North 267


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